Interior Design

I'm a firm believer that interiors do not have to cost a fortune to be beautiful. I work with both large and small budgets and strive to find affordable solutions to design problems. Spaces Interior Decorating is not affiliated with any other businesses, which means you'll never feel pressured to buy from a specific store or supplier. This continues to give me the freedom to make choices based entirely on your needs.


eDesign Services

This is a great option for those who live out of town or for those DIYers who like to roll up their sleeves but need a solid plan before beginning. You send me your photos and measurements of the room(s) we'll be recreating, and I'll put together a package that includes a design board, layout guide, and source list including paint colour selections. From there, you can take the plans and turn them into reality.

Collaboration Services

Looking for a bit more? With this package, the end result is still a cohesive design plan, but I'll be there to help you execute it. This service usually involves the most face-to-face interactions, because we'll be bouncing quite a few ideas around! With this package, clients often do some of the sourcing on their own during the project, so the end result is truly a collaborative effort!

Turnkey Services

This is the perfect package for local clients looking for a more full-service decorating scenario. I include everything from the Collaboration package, but I include things like delivery assistance and installation oversight. This package is often utilized by those with hectic schedules or those who would prefer to be "wowed" at the end of the project with little involvement in the process itself.

Need a Custom Package?

If you're thinking your project doesn't quite "fit" into the above packages - you're my favorite type of client (full disclosure: I rarely fit into a single category either).

If you've been collecting art for various rooms but are scared to hang it "wrong", I can help. If you've brought home dozens of kitchen backsplash samples but return them all because you're overwhelmed by the number of choices, I can help.

Let me know what you've got in mind. I charge an hourly rate and what I do with those hours depends on you and your unique needs.

So, give me a call. Let's make some design magic!

Custom Interior Design Packages

Let’s Begin!

Our story begins with a phone call - Let's chat! Tell me about your space and what you'd like it to become.