How To Bring Farmhouse Chic To Your Home

With today’s hectic pace, it’s not surprising that so many folks are gravitating toward a quieter design aesthetic. Farmhouse style isn’t limited to country living – you can acheive it anywhere. It’s truly a mindset – read on to discover some easy ways to embrace the simplicity and surround yourself with uncomplicated charm.

Neutral Colours on the Walls

In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspects of the farmhouse look. Think soft tones of beige, cream, taupe and grey. Avoid dark or bright colours, including bright white (it can look stark or cold). While you don’t need to paint all the rooms of your home the same colour, you’ll want to work within the same colour family. Remember that this particular look is all about an understated casual vibe, so when you stick to a palette of 2 to 3 colours, you’ll be creating a soft envelope with your walls.

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Add Depth & Dimension

This just wouldn’t be an authentic Farmhouse Blog Post without mentioning shiplap, would it? Incorporating beadboard, wainscotting, and shiplap into your decorating plan is a no-fail way to add a little Joanna-Gaines-approved style, but more importantly, it injects depth and dimension to your walls (which is necessary when working with neutral paint colours).

Unfussy Lighting

I feel like I could (and should) include the lighting element in every blog post, because it’s JUST THAT IMPORTANT. First of all, it’s necessary (especially to those of us who live in limited daylight for 6 months of the year!), but it’s also a great way to define the areas in your homes – think weathered wood chandeliers, mason jar pendant lights, or glass table lamps with linen shades.

Mix Old With New

Truly successful rooms, especially farmhouse chic rooms, incorporate a good balance of old with new. With this style, you can really think outside the box with your accessories. Repurpose old items – use antique milk crates for storage, arrange flowers in old galvanized buckets, make simple cushion covers out of vintage table linens.

Paint is a fun (and cheap!) way to reinvent old furniture.

Painted Furniture

You’d be amazed at how transformative a couple coats of paint can be! If you’ve got furniture pieces that’ve seen better days, haul out the paint brushes! You can have fun with your colour choices, though I’d recommend keeping your furniture within the same colour scheme as your walls – it really pulls the room together. As a rule of thumb, I generally recommend clients stick within those 3 colours they chose for their wall paint.

Distressed Furniture

I’m a sucker for anything distressed. Maybe it’s my country roots, but I always gravitate toward the imperfect, the timeworn, the wonderfully patinad. I love when furniture tells a story. If you’re fortunate enough to own antique pieces, you’re ahead in the farmhouse game. If not, consider distressing a few pieces yourself (start with something small until you get the hang of it).

Wood Signs, Wire Baskets, and Old Windows

Wire baskets are perfect for storing smaller items, and look pretty when grouping similar items.

Um…I kinda gave it away in the heading, didn’t I? This one’s pretty simple though. It’s all about accessories – and this is where you can have fun layering in farmhouse-inspired pieces that add texture and dimension. Think distressed wood, peeling paint, and patinad metals. Corral the kids art supplies in wooden crates or metal baskets. Lean a couple salvaged windows on a mantel. Create a personalized wood sign to greet guests as they walk in your front door (or have one made – check out Two Cackling Hens). Don’t fuss too much with your displays – remember, you’re aiming for a relaxed vibe!

Forget the Big Box Stores

To be fair, I do frequently shop at HomeSense (and Target when I’m across the border). So I certainly don’t mean to slam anyone here (though I feel the need to remind all you lovelies to SHOP LOCAL❤). But some of my best finds often come from consignment stores (visit Deja Vu Consignment), estate sales, yard sales, or even hand-me-downs that are repurposed. The beauty of farmhouse style is how broad it is – there’s no right or wrong way to do it, and everyone’s finished design story will be different.

Well, there you have it. I hope I’ve inspired you to dive in and experiment with some farmhouse fabulous! If you’re digging these ideas but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your existing scheme – I can show you. Shoot me a message or connect with me on social media – I’d love to help you create your own kind of beautiful!

Cheers to fresh & simple design!



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