Five Ways I Refresh My Home for Spring

I’m not really a winter person. Once January rolls around, I’m kinda done with the snow thing. So, unsurprisingly, spring REALLY appeals to me. And with it, the opportunity to update. With that in mind, I pulled together my top five ways I refresh my home for spring – little things I do every year to infuse a little light & airy into my space. The best part – none of these should cost you more than $50.

Groupings of Light Décor


As much as I love colour, I find collections of light, bright objects feel clean & fresh. If you were to visit me at home in the spring, you’d find my living room bookshelves house quite a few of these groupings. The best part? Many of my pieces are thrift store finds that I’ve breathed new life into – with an $8 can of creamy white spray paint. (I like Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Satin in Heirloom White)

Add or Switch Out a Throw


I’ve got an incredibly cozy plush throw from Chapters that I curl up with on chilly winter evenings, but when the mercury begins to rise, it’s one of the first changes I make to my décor. I swap it out for a light weight, cashmere-like fringed throw I found at HomeSense a few years ago.

New Candle Scents

Around the end of February, I usually make the switch from my winter scents (I developed a bit of an obsession this year with Bath & Body Works White Caramel Cold Brew) to lighter, fruitier varieties. I love the Juicy Clementine tealights from PartyLite – yummy scent and amazing burn times!

Fresh Blooms

While I’m a firm believer in the uplifting power of having fresh flowers in your home year round, the only time you’re likely to see a bouquet on my table is in the spring (maybe this is more a reflection on my husband – are you reading this, Steve??). I love tulips, particularly pink, and when I can snag a dozen for ten bucks at the grocery store, I’m in!

10-minute Declutter

I’d love to list spring cleaning as one of my Top Five. But I’d be lying. And I suspect my friends would out me on social media. For me, small amounts of time spent on small areas of my home is manageable spring organising for me. Example: as a hopeless bookworm, my bedside table is often a chaotic mess of books, magazines, catalogues and notebooks. And dust. And tea mugs. You get the idea. I regularly cull and purge when necessary, but springtime often gives me the boost to up the pretty factor with a new accessory or two. (And if you’re looking for great tips on decluttering, check out my Decluttering 101 blog post)

Cheers to longer days and lighter jackets!


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