Downsizing Your Family Home

Downsizing from a 5-bedroom family home in the suburbs to a 2-bedroom condo in the city presents a wonderful opportunity to simplify and declutter, but where oh where to start? Turn an otherwise daunting task into a streamlined plan with the following tips:

Plan Your New Space

Get the dimensions of the space you’re moving into and develop a floor plan. Make a list of all large furniture pieces you’ll be taking with you, and work on incorporating each piece into your plan. If possible, go to your new residence and plot out where things will go so you can begin to visualize how it’s all going to come together.

Cull & Purge

Once you’ve made a plan and have a list of all the items you’ll take with you, you can begin to rehome your remaining items. Most of my clients begin this step by offering pieces to family members, particularly items that are rare or hold sentimental value. It’s important to recognize that you probably won’t get very much money when selling your possesions – many pieces won’t be valuable in a market sense. We often overvalue what we have, due to emotional attachment, or simply because we know what we originally paid!

Pack like a Pro

Before packing items, make sure they’re clean and in good working order. Organize boxes by room to ensure unpacking goes smoothly. Clearly label all boxes, or take it a step further and include a list of contents on all containers. A bit of extra effort at this stage will save you much sanity when you’re surrounded by cardboard and bubble wrap in your new home!

Smart Scheduling

Arrange to have all trades finish their installations well before your move-in day if possible. New flooring, freshly painted walls, and crisp drapery will be a welcome sight during an often stressful time. I usually recommend waiting to hang art until the furniture is delivered, as we often need to tweak the original floor plan you created in step 1.

Mixing Old with all the New

As exciting as a new chapter of life can be, it can often feel bittersweet. Downsizing forces us to let go of some of our past, and often that can leave us feeling a bit unmoored and uncomfortable. For these clients, I try to incorporate more of the homey elements they’re comforted by. Perhaps they’re soothed by the soft green of the walls of their former den, or the sound of the water trickling in the creek in their old backyard. Sights, sounds, and even smells can be captured simply by adding small elements more conducive to to small space living.

Will you be facing a home downsize in the near future? Or maybe you’ll be helping your aging parents to navigate a move? I hope you found this blog useful – and if you’re thinking you could use additional advice or support, let’s connect. I’d love to simplify the process for you. Click the link below and let me know how I can help!

Cheers to new beginnings!


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