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Full disclosure: I’m not a very trendy individual. I like what I like and though I’ll occasionally dabble outside of my design comfort zone, I always seem to return to my classics, my tried-and-trues. That said, I’m always excited to flip my calendar to a brand new year and to see what the experts are predicting will dominate the design scene for the next twelve months. And though I’m loyal to my core style, I love finding ways to incorporate a few of the new year’s must haves. With that in mind, here is my roundup of top trend faves for 2019. Enjoy ❤️


We began to see this trend re-emerge last year, and it’s continuing to hold for 2019. With a decidedly Art Deco feel to it, fringe provides an opportunity to mix a little bit of a vintage vibe into your space.

In this image from we see the impact the fringed chandelier makes against the deep colour on the walls and ceiling of this home’s entrance.

It Sofas

Gone are the days of basic & boring sofas (well, maybe gone is a strong word – that may be my wishful thinking!). A common misconception is that a sofa can’t be comfortable and stylish. But as more and more manufacturers push the boundries of design, we see an influx of unique pieces flowing into the mainstream market.

The piece pictured below is the Curvo sofa from CB2 ( in pink velvet. I mentioned curved lines in furniture in my Design Trends 2018 post last year, and I predict we’ll continue to see these soft angles throughout 2019. And for those of you who’ve followed me on social media (bless your hearts!), you’ll know I’m a diehard pink fan. Which leads me to my next fave…

Feminine Tones & Warm Colours

Blush, dusty pink, and bronze continue their reign into 2019. Taupes and warm neutrals ground these tones, but the overall look has a decidedly feminine appeal.

In this living room by Rivers Spencer (, we see how beautifully these colours combine with warm wood accents and soft textiles.

Black Cabinetry

It’s no secret that my favorite room in the house to design is the kitchen. So, it’s equally unsurprising that this shift in kitchen cabinetry has me practically salivating. Black cabinetry, be it a single unit such as an island, or an entire space devoted to the deep tone, has the potential to be showstopping. And while it is, admittedly, a bit of a risk, the results of a well thought out “black kitchen” are worth it.

This kitchen by South Park Design Build ( demonstrates how the deep cabinet colour can be softened by pairing it with warm wood tones, brass accents, and generous amounts of white.

Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers

In keeping with the theme of all things feminine, soft and vintagey, I believe we’ll see more and more florals making their way into homes this year. And while I’m a fan of the large, bold blooms like those pictured in the wallpaper below by Ellie Cashman (, expect to see everything from bold abstract to traditional chintz.

Concrete Accents

As you know, good design is all about balance. Too much of a good thing is, well, too much. So while we’re loving up on all these soft tones & textiles, curvy patterns and lines, we need to contrast them with a bit of edge, or a bit of “solid.” Concrete is one of my favorite ways to incorporate some solid with my copious amounts of soft. The great thing about this growing trend is that because of it’s increasing popularity (and therefore availability), you can choose how much or how little your room requires. I love the look of concrete on counters, as pictured in the bathroom below (image via, walls or floors, but often something as simple as a lamp base or vase is all that’s required to add a little heft to a room.

Boldly Patterned Backsplashes

As many of my clients are requesting sleeker, simpler options for their cabinets and countertops (hello, easy to clean!), I’m noticing a renewed interest in statement backsplashes. Clients are looking to express themselves and their personalities within their kitchens, and with good reason, since we often spend a good portion of our day in there! The bold backsplash pictured below is a unique way to set the tone, via custom photography on glass by Tony Koukos (

Statement Ceilings

Forget the feature wall – 2019 is all about the statement ceiling! From paint and wallpapers, to mouldings and metals, upper surfaces have never looked better (well, maybe in the 40’s!). In this living room, the ceiling commands attention with it’s combination of patterned wallpaper and bold light fixture. Image via

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