Choosing Furniture for a Small Space

Having a small home shouldn’t prevent you from living in style. You can still inject loads of your personality (not to mention the latest Design Trends) into your petite rooms, and the following tips will help make sure your space is warm and welcoming – and very functional. Here’s the scoop:

Pick Double Duty Pieces

Look for ways to swap in hardworking furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Ottomans are fabulous for putting your feet up at the end of the day, but they also serve as extra seating when you’re entertaining, and if you add a tray they make great coffee tables. A small convertible sofa or daybed in the living room functions well for everyday, then pulls out into a bed when company spends the night.

Be Unusual

Think beyond a piece’s intended use. There’s no reason you can’t use a vanity table as a laptop desk, or a garden bench for extra seating at the dining table. (Bonus: the most fabulously decorated rooms have a few quirks or oddities – it’s the best way to add personality to a space!)

Choose Pieces with Hidden Storage

Most of us are pressed for storage space. Most of us have clutter that we’d prefer to hide. Keep an eye out for furniture with hidden storage compartments like ottomans or lift-top coffee tables. Consider swapping your bedroom side tables with small dressers and use the drawers to house the ugly-but-necessary items. Adding baskets to open shelves is another great way to keep things accessible but out of sight.

Select Small Scale Furniture

Skip the puffy armchairs and huge sectionals. Look for slimmer arms and tighter backs on upholstered pieces. Consider a settee or a loveseat instead of the full-size sofa (no one wants the middle sofa seat anyway). For items like bookshelves or dressers, think tall and thin. Take advantage of the vertical space in your rooms.

Be Transparent

Glass and acrylic furniture is a secret weapon for many decorators, and for good reason! Though they often take up the same amount of physical space, they appear much lighter. They don’t obstruct your line of sight and they allow you to take in the entire room without looking around them.

Trick the Eye

Mirrors. They’re magic. They make a room feel more open, bounce light around, help to balance an asymmetrical space… they’re heaven. Also, consider mounting things like TVs, lighting, and even furniture. Whenever we lift something off the floor or other surface, we’re opening up the space, clearing sight lines, and visually expanding our space.

Take It to the Edge

Whenever possible, take advantage of the perimeter of the room. Tuck furniture around the edges and leave the centre free for foot traffic (or wrestling matches, as is the case with my three sons). The openness will make the room look bigger.

Bottom line: small can still be spectacular. (Did I mention I’m 5’2″?) If you’re still in doubt, let’s connect. I’d love to show you how your petite space can pack a design punch. Let’s Chat!

Cheers to big things coming in small packages!


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