Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

A few weeks ago, I asked you for your suggestions on blog content – what kind of topics appeal to you? What are your pain points? Boy, did you deliver! Through your suggestions I managed to plan out almost an entire year of posts – you rock! A million thanks for your ideas 😘

I thought I’d start with the idea that came up the most – affordable ways to add curb appeal to your homes. Here are seven of my faves – easy ways to up your exterior design game (without shelling out a ton of cash!)

Plan Ahead

Before you get started, consider the style of your home. As with the interior, you’ll want to stick to a central style. For example, a contemporary home’s curb appeal could be improved with simple iron house numbers and a sleek modern door lever.

Dress It Up

Add drama with a bold front door colour like this fabulous coral. Photo cred

I adore colour. (Shocking, right?) And though I tend to be a lover of classic neutrals, there’s nothing I dig more than a bold, saturated colour on a front door. Seriously folks, have FUN with this! It’s such a small piece of your home, but packs such a punch and creates major welcome appeal when done right. Pair your bold new door with a striking wreath (or a few that you can change seasonally) and some new hardware, and you’ve got a formula for fabulous.

Get Lit

Now that you’ve got that fantastic “new” door, you’ll want to make sure your lighting is up to par. Swap out your dated sconce for a sleek new model, taking your cue from the overall style of your home (and making sure it compliments your new hardware). To make your life easier, look for fixtures that have the same mounting system as the current ones. If your existing lighting is in good shape and still feels appropriate, consider giving it new life with a couple coats of spray paint. As with your interior lighting, you’ll want to have at least one more “layer” of light. Landscape illumination in your flower beds or walkways not only give your home another level of light, but also help to draw the eye toward the entrance of the house.

Contain It

Simplify your gardening with pretty pots like this one. Photo cred

As most of you know, I do not possess a green thumb (much to my mom’s disgrace, I’m sure), but I’ve discovered that container gardening is not only easier to maintain, but makes it fairly easy to create staggered, asymmetrical arrangements (which, IMO, look best). Local garden centres have beautiful ready-made planters, or if you’ve got the time and creativity, you can make your own. There’s also a wide variety of decorative pots and planters available to compliment any exterior style.

Sit With It

Create a gathering spot – somewhere to sit with a cup of tea or a glass of wine – that encourages conversation (or solitude, depending on the week you’ve had 😉). The amount of space you’ve got will most likely dictate the pieces you can accommodate, but whether you’ve got a row of rocking chairs or a tiny bistro set, it’s all about carving out a special spot for kicking back and enjoying your outside space.

Hide the Ugly

Hide unsightly things like AC units with boxes or fencing. Photo cred

Unfortunately, all houses come with those necessary, functional elements that are often eyesores. My advice is to camouflage them as much as possible. Electrical boxes and cables can be painted to match the house siding. AC units, fuel tanks, and other large pieces can be hidden from view with boxes or screens.

Little (but important) Extras

The little finishing touches are where you can really have some fun and add a bit of whimsy. Birdhouses and outdoor art are a great way to add colour and depth. Wind chimes and water sculptures add soothing sound, which is a vital element in outdoor decorating (and a happy bonus if they help to distract from the sounds of traffic or construction!)

Bottom line: don’t take your outdoor decorating too seriously. Have fun with it! Use bolder colours, step outside your comfort zone – take a few risks. And send me your pics! I’d love to see your ideas come to life. Struggling to nail down your outdoor style? Let’s grab a coffee and we’ll brainstorm – I’d love to help you start planning your perfect curbside appeal.

Cheers to fabulous first impressions!


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